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Starting from €50


Pop Portrait prices start from €50. There are extra options to choose from for additional costs. For example a full body Pop Portrait we charge an additional extra €10. Get a precise quote by filling in our form below.

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Pricelist (Pop Portraits)

Standard Portrait Full body (All)
1 person €50 €60
2 people €65 €85
3 people €80 €110
4 people €95 €135
5 people €110 €160
6 people €125 €185
Every extra person is an additional €15 and €10 for full body.


We charge extra for objects such as flowers, bicycle, etc. Animals do not count as an extra object.


An animal in the portrait will cost an additional fixed price of €25.

Custom Background

Our portraits include a default background. It is however possible to order your pop portrait with a custom background. The price of a custom background depends on how much work it will take to create it. Just tell us your awesome idea for a custom background and we'll tell you the price!

Photo Manipulation

The other service we offer is the manipulation of photographs. This contains endless things, anything is possible. You can visit our gallery and view a selection of recently made work by our artist.

If you want to order we would like you to talk to our artist first and explain what kind of thoughts you have in your mind about the manipulation. After this we will make a calculation of the price and make you an offer.

Photo manipulation starts from € 75,-