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PillRii provides high quality artworks. Founded in 2008, with the idea to provide an unique service which you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. We like to present ourselves as a fresh, innovative and passionate company that fulfills the needs of the customer.

Who am I and why did I start making Digital Pop Art like Pop Art Portraits?

Pop Art Portrait - Pilleriin Leet

I’m an Estonian surrealistic digital artist. Born and studied in Estonia. I studied in Pelgulinna Art Gymnasium in 1994-2003, meanwhile I attended several art courses. In 2003 I studied a year in Tallinn’s Art Gymnasium. After a year of study I moved to the Netherlands and entered to the art academy in the Hague named KABK (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts).

After I graduated with a bachelor’s degree I moved back to Estonia to pursue my career in art. During the 2 years in Estonia I started my own art brand called PillRii and had several solo exhibitions and made partners with other art companies. In 2012 I moved back to the Netherlands to pursue my artistic career as a self standing artist and brand owner.

I call myself a freelance artist who has been specialized in painting. I am creating surrealistic photo manipulations with two mediums – painting and photographs. Also one of the key words in my works is “shocking”.